Strong first public R2S cohort off to a good start

We recently welcomed the 2024 participants of the research-to-startup (R2S) program. The Hochschulen participating in this first public cohort of the R2S program are TU Dresden, KIT, HAW Landshut, U Mannheim, and TU Munich.

R2S teaches wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter:innen of German Hochschulen how to turn their research into startups. The benefits of the R2S program to participating organizations and their graduate education centers are:

  • One coherent well-integrated workshop program rather than many separate workshops
  • Designed and provided by a university insider who knows the Hochschulgesetz
  • One service provider to manage for all workshops rather than a large collection of providers

R2S is available to interested Hochschulen on an annual subscription basis at an unbeatable price. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Riehle about it.



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