Announcing the AMOS #22 (summer 2024) projects

We are happy to announce the AMOS #22 (summer 2024) projects. They are:

  1. Xcelerator demo app with Siemens: Develop a demo app utilizing Siemens components for industrial automation!
  2. International dataspace station with DATEV: Develop a demonstrator for extracing information from dataspaces!
  3. Zephyr PKI handler with Hella: Develop a PKI handling component on Zephyr to update and maintain on-device keys!
  4. Building information enhancer with BUILD.ING: Develop an app to provide building information from public sources!
  5. Knowledge graph extractor with Hella: Develop a tool to build a knowledge graph from corporate data sources!
  6. AI agent framework with Zink: Develop a personal chat AI framework to gradually build a profile of its user!
  7. Updating flash boot loader with Hella: Develop a flash boat loader to simplify embedded device software upgrades!
  8. Cloud Native LLM with Kubermatic: Create Kubernetes training data and build a Kubernetes-focussed LLM from it!

On Wed April 10th, our industry partners will present their ideas. Please see for access to the lecture hall. Students have to provide their project choices by end of business of Fri April 12th. Project assignments will be performed over the weekend and by Monday stills will know whether they got a seat in a project.



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