The AMOS Project


Students learn agile methods by developing software based on industry requirements


1. Team and tools

2. Scrum and AMOS

3. Agile processes

4. Agile planning

5. Agile programming

6. Agile coaching

  • Video: WS 2023/24
  • Slides: PDF, PPTX
  • Status: Pending


22Summer 2024xxx
21Winter 2023/24xxx
20Summer 2023xxx
19Winter 2022/23xxx
18Summer 2022x
17Winter 2021/22xx
16Summer 2021x
15Winter 2020/21x
14Summer 2020x
13Winter 2019/20x
12Winter 2018/19x
11Summer 2018x
10Winter 2017/18x
09Summer 2017x
08Winter 2016/17x
07Summer 2016xx
06Summer 2015x
05Summer 2014x
04Summer 2013x
03Summer 2012x
02Summer 2011x
01Summer 2010x