3rd information session on Research-to-Startup (R2S) education program

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On Dec 18th, 2023, at 4pm CET, we will hold an information session about the Research-to-Startup (R2S) program. R2S teaches doctoral students how to turn their research into a startup. Please join us at https://fau.zoom-x.de/j/66809790359?pwd=L0FISFJ0Q1FDbi8rbU5HTkY1aTJjZz09 to learn more about how the program works.

Benefits of the program, in short, are:

  1. One coherent well-integrated workshop program rather than many separate workshops,
  2. Provided by a university insider who knows the Hochschulgesetz rather than a set of outsiders,
  3. One service provider to manage for all workshops rather than a large collection of providers,
  4. One unbeatable price.

See you soon!

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