The AMOS Project

Students learn Scrum by developing an open source software as a team project over the course of a semester.

Requirements for the software are provided by an industry partner which acts as a customer.

The Winter 2021/23 Demo Day!

Room / TeamIndustry PartnerProject NameZoom Room Link
Main room (Riehle)General AssemblyZoom Link
Demo room team 1IAVGeo Data SearchZoom Link Team 1
Demo room team 2BearingPointAgile Transformation with JiraZoom Link Team 2
Demo room team 3MektecMicrosoft Teams to NextcloudZoom Link Team 3
Demo room team 4GfKAutomatic Panelist DetectionZoom Link Team 4
Demo room team 5BearingPointFinancial Product Portfolio Quick-CheckZoom Link Team 5
Demo room team 6SiemensExplainable Similarity DetectorZoom Link Team 6
Demo room team 7adorsysNFT DevelopmentZoom Link Team 7

Zoom rooms for the winter 2021/22 AMOS demo day