Commercial Open Source Startups

Students learn how the software industry works, how commercial open source works, and how to create startups from research.

Slides are on GitHub, videos on YouTube, current course on Uni1. Slides and videos are CC BY 4.0 licensed.

1. The Software Industry

Understand the software industry, its history, players, and their strategies.

2. Software products

Understand software products as structured into core, basic, and whole product.

3. Software vendors

Understand software vendors, their business models, and how they differ from consultancies.

4. Business models

Understand what a business model is and how to design one using the business model canvas.

5. Open source software

Understand open source software, its licenses, and how companies use it correctly.

6. Open source projects

Understand open source projects, their communities, and their economic importance.

7. Commercial open source

Understand commercial open source firms, including their products and services.

8. Cloud service strategies

Understand how the cloud both empowers and fights commercial open source.

9. Software startups

Understand startups as a search process for a viable business model.

10. Research to startup

Understand how to manage research projects at a university to turn them into startups.

11. University spin-offs

Understand funding research, managing intellectual property, and the role of the university.

12. Startup fundraising

Understand the fundamentals of startup fundraising, valuation, investors, and risk profiles.